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January 19, 2009

Facts & Qestions after the mess

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* In 23 days 1300 Palestinians killed by Israel including 417 children & 108 women, 5320 injured.. If That was JUST to scare Hamas, what’s the real war looks like??????

* The UN is useless as long as the USA have the right to use the veto against any “project” for a decision to stop Israelis crimes against humanity

* Everyone is against Islam,,, The USA managed to mix cards together so people think that Islam is the enemy. If Osama Bin Laden is representing Islam (which is not true) then Hitler & Bush represent Christianity.. right.

* If there’s really Osama Bin Laden, as the USA claims, where is he now? Vocal record!!! Long Live Technology 😀

* If this war was againest Hamas, are you telling me that some rockets is scaring th MIGHTY Israel, who’s got the latest technology in this world? Are you telling me that they’re scared from some rockets they sure can stop them before reaching their homes & scared of some kids with stones facing their tanks.

* How can anyone believe that Israel can’t kill Hamas’s leaders in their beds without all that mess using their intelligence, while before there was some bomb attacks in Sinai last few years & they told Israelis not to visit Sinai on those particular days… strange!!!

* Can anyone answer where’s in this ugly world there’s kids ( I mean 3, 4 ,5 ,6 years & so ) are being killed by a bullet in the head???

* Some bombs fill in the Egyptian land, Israel disabled it before it kills anyone, so how they couldn’t do the same with the buildings that have children & women which was bombed (BY MISTAKE)!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Someone claims on Youtube that HAMS kills their own kids & claim that Israel did… EXCUSE ME.. what kind of idiot are you to believe such nonsense.

* What if someone put me in a cage & didn’t let me eat or drink & prevent electricity & gas from reaching me even from else where, do you want me to accept that & watch my kids dying without trying to do anything????


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