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January 31, 2009

Sami Yusef

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We’ll not submit, we’ll not leave, we won’t be silent, we’ll not forget

I am Salahodin


January 19, 2009

Facts & Qestions after the mess

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* In 23 days 1300 Palestinians killed by Israel including 417 children & 108 women, 5320 injured.. If That was JUST to scare Hamas, what’s the real war looks like??????

* The UN is useless as long as the USA have the right to use the veto against any “project” for a decision to stop Israelis crimes against humanity

* Everyone is against Islam,,, The USA managed to mix cards together so people think that Islam is the enemy. If Osama Bin Laden is representing Islam (which is not true) then Hitler & Bush represent Christianity.. right.

* If there’s really Osama Bin Laden, as the USA claims, where is he now? Vocal record!!! Long Live Technology 😀

* If this war was againest Hamas, are you telling me that some rockets is scaring th MIGHTY Israel, who’s got the latest technology in this world? Are you telling me that they’re scared from some rockets they sure can stop them before reaching their homes & scared of some kids with stones facing their tanks.

* How can anyone believe that Israel can’t kill Hamas’s leaders in their beds without all that mess using their intelligence, while before there was some bomb attacks in Sinai last few years & they told Israelis not to visit Sinai on those particular days… strange!!!

* Can anyone answer where’s in this ugly world there’s kids ( I mean 3, 4 ,5 ,6 years & so ) are being killed by a bullet in the head???

* Some bombs fill in the Egyptian land, Israel disabled it before it kills anyone, so how they couldn’t do the same with the buildings that have children & women which was bombed (BY MISTAKE)!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Someone claims on Youtube that HAMS kills their own kids & claim that Israel did… EXCUSE ME.. what kind of idiot are you to believe such nonsense.

* What if someone put me in a cage & didn’t let me eat or drink & prevent electricity & gas from reaching me even from else where, do you want me to accept that & watch my kids dying without trying to do anything????

January 10, 2009

Before You Put Your Reply

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1st. I’m a normal human being, people like me everywhere around you just with a different culture, I’m a muslim but I’m not veiled, I’m not a terrorist, I’m just someone ordinary.

2nd. Replies are under moderation, so don’t bother putting your adds in here

3rd. Stereotype replies depending on the media won’t attract me,, If you really have tried to get answers from the right source then welcome ,,or your reply will be deleted

4th. Some people write a repeated reply got nothing to do with the post just to declare their own beliefs, or criticize you, they don’t even have the courage to put a link to their blog, site or e-mail, those usually make me feel sick,, it’s like someone used to spit on the road all the time, Sorry, won’t be approved , I’m not interested

5th. Be Polite, wise and respectable,, sure you’re welcome

Last. PLEase… Read carefully & THink before putting any stupid comments

Have a Nice Day



Please spread this link to others, let them see the truth with a civilized new way

Music can reach people more than yelling & crying

Let’s put this video on top of the list & rate it as ***** five stars

As YouTube preventing other videos & flagging it so no one can see the truth

September 21, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

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To all muslims around the world … Have a blessed Ramadan

(Ramadan Kareem)

Wishing all the best for Islam around the world in such days

& Wish Peace for humanity 

August 19, 2006

Apology not Accepted

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There’s some of us don’t believe in reasons, they can’t accept
apology for mistakes!! But I believe that there’s a reason for
everything & not only for mistakes, there’s a reason for creating
this world, there’s a reason for creating Adam & eve, there’s a
reason for making mistakes, but are they the right ones? that’s what we
should think about, & then we can accept apology or not.

It’s NOT ACCEPTABLE under any codition, to insult God whitch mean in arabic Allah, (and this’s something western people must know,, as they say the muslim’s Allah!!!).
It’s not acceptable at all for all who believe in God, Muslims, Christians, Jewish.
no many Gods, there’s only one, how we believe in God, that’s the
diffrence between religions, in fact Islam & Christianity &
Judaism have the same basic rules if you really read them carefully,
There’s messengers God sent to people so they can believe in him, God
told us not to: lie, hate, kill, steal, have sex out marriage, God told
us to respect eachother & to forgive & even there’s the way to
punish the one who made what God forbids & we all know that there’s
the day when we all stand in front of God & the good ones will go
to Heaven & bad ones will go to hell,, it’s all in the 3
religions!!! Misapplying our religions rules (applys on the three
relegions) is the reason for that evil in our world.

How could we talk about eachother’s God as he’s another one than the one we believe in???
God (Allah) means in any relegion (THE ONE WHO CREATED US) how could
anyone think that freedom of speach means being irrespectable to the
one who created us, the one who gave u that tounge you’re talking with
& now you’re talking nonesese about him!! the one who gave you eyes
& you’re not reading what God said??!!!
And if we assumed that you don’t even believe in God,,, that doesn’t give you the right to isult other’s believes.

those who’re writing & insulting other’s believes,,, to those
bloggers who thought that being  Anonymous is the best chance to talk
nonesense, I say…

Here’s a case when apology IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

this post was in my other blog,, wrote it after I found some arabic blogs insulting God,, talkin with no respect at all about religions & also some english blogs was taalking about (muslim’s Allah), that really bothered me alot
I know such people won’t apologize, to me or anyone, but I needed to tell them that.

May 10, 2006

I’m an Interior designer… funny

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I likr those kind of tests to have a little fun,,, I’m an interior designer & being a paiter is somehow a part of my work, even if the technology became a must in such a career, so it was a right choice,,, do you agree with me 🙂

You Should Be a Painter

You have the vision, patience, and skill to bring your unique visions to canvas.
And you’re even tempered enough not to cut your ear off in the process!
What Sort of Artist Should You Be?

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April 22, 2006

It’s Earthday

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Earth Day Tips: Rx for the Planet and Your Health

by P.W. McRandle

This Earth Day, consider the planet as you do your body: Our health is intimately connected with the world around us. In addition to our need for clean air and drinking water, scientists are discovering new ways that ecosystems affect us. Destruction of natural wildlife habitats, for instance, can lead to humans getting exposed to new diseases.

"What we really need to understand are the implications that activities like deforestation, global travel and trade and agricultural intensification have for the spillover of diseases from wild animals," says Jon Epstein, Ph.D., veterinary epidemiologist with the Consortium for Environmental Medicine at Wildlife Trust. For example, avian flu spreads from wild birds to domestic poultry, from which it can infect humans, as happened in Turkey this January. "In Asia, it's probably about a billion contacts annually between humans and animals, and the chances of diseases like SARs, avian flu and Nipah fever go way up," says William Karesh, D.V.M., director of the field veterinary program for the Wildlife Conservation Society, who last summer found the avian flu virus H5N1 in migratory birds in Mongolia. He has also extensively studied Ebola fever, tracing it to "the consumption of wild animals, [which] is creating disease outbreaks and biodiversity loss."

For our own sake, we can act on behalf of the Earth's health and get others involved, at home, office, school and on vacations too. Below are some opportunities for consumers to help protect specific ecosystems and all-over resources, like Earth's atmosphere.

Read The Full Article

It's Earthday today.. Something that uncivilized people like us (middle-eastern) don't know about!!

As we have too many problems to look around, this kind of culture we can't understand so fa, cuz nobody tought us about it, nobody is talking about except rare, a lot of things we can learn & what's funny that it's already in our religion's (Islam) directions, but we still a little stupid to get it.

There's a lotwe have to learn, but we can't blame anyone but ourselves, it's something can be found inside of us, I guess …

Happy Earthday everyone…

April 19, 2006

You’re not a GOD

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Just wondering…

Who gave you the right to be the highest power?

What's the meaning of High power?

Is having the latest technology or having the VETO right is enough?

When you have two standards & sorting people in two levels.

So you're not the one because you're not perfect.

And as long as there's GOD… with all his mighty & perfection.
Then God Is the highest power to me.

The Result is… You're not A God

April 18, 2006

Hello world!

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web (97).gif everyone,, this'll be my second blog & I hope I can manage it better than the first one 🙂

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