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January 22, 2009




I can’t even describe you as ANIMALs, cuz they’re innocent creatures


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January 13, 2009

Thank you Michel Heart… you made my day

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Michel Heart

Was unknown artist to me,Sorry For That, NOT any more

Thanks for his efforts, though he got nothing to do with Gaza or Else, HE as a human made this song to support Gaza

We will not go down (Song for Gaza)

The Link of this video:


WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza)

(Composed by Michael Heart)

Copyright 2009

A blinding flash of white light

Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight

People running for cover

Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive

They came with their tanks and their planes

With ravaging fiery flames

And nothing remains

Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

We will not go down

In the night, without a fight

You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools

But our spirit will never die

We will not go down

In Gaza tonight

Women and children alike

Murdered and massacred night after night

While the so-called leaders of countries afar

Debated on who’s wrong or right

But their powerless words were in vain

And the bombs fell down like acid rain

But through the tears and the blood and the pain

You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze

We will not go down

In the night, without a fight

You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools

But our spirit will never die

We will not go down

In Gaza tonight

January 12, 2009

Israeli Holocaust (WARNING: cruel images from Gaza massacres)

Is there any reason makes you kill this way???

Are you telling me that to kill one single terrorist, you must kill thousands of CHILDREN?

Do you really believe that it’s really a war on terror?

Are you stupid enough to believe those elastic expressions as excuses?

Do you even have a clear definition for (WAR ON TERRORISM)?

And Do You think that All that technology can’t stop some rockets falling on your backyard (as someone claims that it’s the reason in yahoo answers) so you must kill them all with illegal  weapons??

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza (AP)


DO you remember what happened when 3000 of civilians in the USA were killed in Sebtember 11th?

How many IRAQIS were killed after???

Anyone ever wondered how many Palestinians were killed since the begining of Israel? & how many israelies were killed??? couldn’t find it by search

I tried to find something on google about the true situation but couldn’t find, try holocaust instead.. PITY…

I know the truth because Egypt had a war with Israel before & till NOW, we’re discovering their massacres in Sinai

Can You Define Terror Now??

Try This Link

Is that JUST

If you had enough of this injustice, if you can’t bare to see children being killed like this


January 10, 2009

I wish I was….

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I wish I was Adolf Hitler… He WAS WISE Enough to see what no one else can see,,, Pity he couldn’t Kill every single one of them

But This time I’ll finish the task,, I won’t repeat his mistake by leaving a single one of those animals

Cuz this’s againest HUMANITY

Palestinians look at bodies removed from the sites of Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on Saturday (AFP photo by Mahmud Hams)
Palestinians look at bodies removed from the sites of Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on Saturday (AFP photo by Mahmud Hams)

November 16, 2006

Beit Hanoon

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Let pics talk & tell the world how’s it to be a Palestinian occupied by Israel

Israel won’t stay forever
It’s just days & will pass by
Oh mothers .. please don’t cry
your kids alive with angels in the sky
Cuz Allah’s justice is not a lie


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November 6, 2006

A Shit Called Israel

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This’s what’s happening in Beit-Hanoon for over 5dayes so far

The young girl was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper in Beit Hanoun, during a day of violence.

This’s what the angel Israelis attack the devil Palestinian women!!!!

August 29, 2006

The Isreili Terrorism Truth

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*image from 3agabi blog

As Arabs, it’s hard to explain the Israeli terrorism in Palestine in a way the western world can understand & that gives the chance to western people to beat us in a conversation about that matter, cuz they learned how to discuss & arrange their thoughts no matter if it’s the truth or not.
We have this serious issue about how to talk, put our thoughts in points then win a discussion.
In my old Journal I put some pictures of what’s heppening in Lebanon specially for women & kids, I found this reply after from someone called himself Warren Main

First off you are not brave if you are spouting the same things as your friends and family are spouting.
Instead of trying to destroy Israel why not accept it as a free and independent country unlike all the muslim countries in the mideast. If you were to stop trying to kill Israel and its people you would have more time to create jobs for your people. you might even learn to live in peace. In America Jews and muslims can live side by side and be good neighbors why not in the middle east?
Where were the Saudies asking for a stop in the fighting when your people were shelling isreal and blowing themselves up in Baghdad. Islam will not stop killing until all Jews and Christians are dead and you can live out your primitive lives like they did in the 12th century. Even if no Jew lived in what we call Israel, your holy leaders would still hate them as well as all Americans. Why? Because America mean Freedom. Muslims cannot live in a free country they have to have someone else tell them what to do and when to do it. There is no freedom of art, thought or religion in any muslim country. Even in Afganistan who we went in and got rid of the Talaban at great cost to the USA, the people want the Morality police back. Why do you feel you need to have other people tell you what to wear and when to pray. If I want to pray to your God or mine I can do it any time I want and I can say what ever is on my mind to God.
Stop blaming Jews and Christians for your troubles put the blame on your relious leaders. Think about it without Jews and Christians to hate you have nothing else. Make your leaders give you something else and hope for the future. If you do live in the United States and you hate us so much why don’t you and all your fanitical friends go back to your sand box and leave us alone.
Warren Main
Denver Colorado USA

Well.. A typical American…..I have a friend ( Katjusha ) of my journal who keeps reading it (in fact he was the only one who kept following it till I ended it lately) that guy is Croatian, I mean he lives in Europe & as anyone can assume he gets his knowledge from almost the same sources that Mr.Warren gets his from.
Katjusha replied Mr.Warren & his reply was amazing cuz I never knew that there’s someone ouside the Arab world have this clear idea about the situation, explaining it si simple in a way the average Western guy can understand & even much more than I know about it.
So as a THANK YOU, I decided to put his reply in here maybe it help other to understand or explain the Israeli terrorism ( I didn’t change a word in his reply ).

dar mr. warrenyou obviously don’t know or don’t want to know what is happening in
middle east. let me explain in simple way which can be understood by
americans like you.

imagine a situation that you have a 3 bedroom house and decided to rent
one room. so beside your family there is a new member living in one of
your rooms. that person is nice and polite, and of course pays the
rent. after few months that person invites relatives to live with him
and they are all nice and polite but you feel kind of unpleasant

then subtenant decides to take the room, bathroom, kitchen and living
room into its own possession (1948). you see that subtenant is crazy
and call your neighbours to help you kick him out of your house, but
subtenant gets help from abroad and becomes even stronger. by more
power he kicks your grandmother from one of the rooms but keeps her
belongings and of course takes her room as well. you take thim matter
to court (UN) which decides that you and your subtenant should live
side by side becase his and yours ancestors lived in that area some
2500 years ago.

you wait a while, and then decide to take the matter into your own
hands by atempting to take back what is yours (1967). but the subtenant
now has a coalition with mafia (USA) who got him the weapons and
technology. with all that power he takes the whole house and moves your
family to a backyard and to neighbouring yard. you again take the
matter to court (UN) which this time decides in your favour but the
subtenant doesnt bother to even listen the verdict of the court.
instead he calls all of his relatives to come to live in your house
which is now fully ocupied (although such action is not allowed by
geneva convenction of human rights in war time)

you try to make the world to listen to you, but the subtenant has media
at his side, you wait 10-20 years but nothing happen. your children are
being raised in basements and crowded rooms of your neighbours house ……. you become pesimistic and frustrated. then you decide to take
drastic measures like throwing a stone at your subtenant. but your
subtenant is very powerful by now and at every stone thrown at him he
reponds with bazooka rocket.

decades have passed, your family forgot how your house looks like from
inside. from time to time you throw a stone at the subtenant but now he
doesnt only shoot bazook rocket at you, now he takes a half of
neighbours house and backyard, destroys other half of the neighbours
house and kills few members of your family (1982). he lives in that
ocupied area of neighbouring house for next 20 years and then decides
to pull back knowing that the rest of your family is very weak. he
hopes that you and your family are now done with asking for your house
back.and what do you do? you cant go in your house, subtenant watches all
your moves, he even doesnt give you the right to walk freely without
permits. your children have no future and the only sure thing is tha
hate toward subtenant. some of youths who are so desperate decide to
take a bomb into one of the rooms but after every bomb your subtenant
redecorates the room. you see your subtenant every day and he is your

then you say ok (1991), lets split the house as it was split by court
(UN)decision in 1948, but subtenant must leave the part of house which
belongs to you. subtenant agrees but does very little about it, and
with many demands which you must obey in advance. since 1991 to this
date, you cant enter your part of the devided house.

that is israeli justice.

so mr. warren, dont blame islam for wars in middle east. it’s not islam
who wants to destroy christianity and judaism. as christian i’m not
even a bit threatened by islam. the problem is in imperialistic minds
of some western powers and israel. leave this people alone, and there
wont be any 911 problems and terrorists. after all majority of those
¨terrorists˝ were financed and suported by your country

….. financed and suported by your country when your country needed
them. so first take the garbage from your yard and then criticise on
your neighbours.

zagreb, croatia

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July 18, 2006

Lebanon… be a human

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world is not moving to help lebanese civilians,, while they’re being
killed by the israili dirty army,yasure,, when someone touchs one
israili the world yall & scream for revenge but when hundreds are
being killed from arab world,, nobody moves, That’s not fair….

I wish that death comes right into everyone’s supporting israil, right into their homes, Dead hearts …
If you don’t have the ability to invint a weapon that can kill (the one you want) ONLY



You can do a lot:

1- Send e-mails asking for justice…..

Send E-mail In Englidh

Dear World Leaders,

letter is a plea from the Lebanese people, and friends of Lebanon . We
urge you to exercise any political influence you may have to guide a
cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. Negotiations must take place.
The violence that has escalated in Lebanon has gotten out of control,
it is insanity! The people of Lebanon are suffering; the Lebanese
economy will suffer deeply for years to come. As I am sure you know
anger, resentment, and poverty can only lead to further extremism. For
the welfare of Lebanese citizens, Israeli citizens, the stability of
the Middle East , and indeed the world, we implore you to take action
as soon as possible to prevent further violence, destruction, and


Friends and Citizens of Lebanon

Or Send It In French

Leaders du monde,

lettre constitue un appel au secours de la part du peuple libanais et
des amis du Liban. Nous vous pressons d’exercer votre influence
politique afin de faire appliquer un cessez-le-feu entre Israël et le
Hezbollah. Des négociations doivent avoir lieu. La violence qui sévit
au Liban perd tout contrôle et la situation devient insoutenable. Le
peuple libanais souffre. L’économie du Liban sera gravement perturbée
pendant des années. Comme vous le savez sûrement, la colère, la rancune
et la pauvreté ne peuvent mener qu’à plus d’extrémisme. Pour le
bien-être des citoyens libanais et israéliens, pour la stabilité du
Moyen-Orient et également du monde, nous vous implorons d’agir aussi
vite que possible pour empêcher l’escalade de la violence, de la
destruction et des pertes humaines.


Le peuple du Liban et ses ami

Those Some E-mail Adresses You Can Send To& if you have more you can add it in here:

The White House: comments@whitehouse.govU.S. VP:

Israeli minister of defense:

Israeli Minister of foreign affairs:

The French President:
Go to this site.
click on Ecrire au President and copy paste this text in the box provided.

The British government:

The British Prime Minister:

The e-mail list for the European Union:


2- Donate & be Positive:
Use The Buttons in your blog/journal


3- Sign the petition & here’s the Banner:

Create a free website or blog at