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January 12, 2009

Israeli Holocaust (WARNING: cruel images from Gaza massacres)

Is there any reason makes you kill this way???

Are you telling me that to kill one single terrorist, you must kill thousands of CHILDREN?

Do you really believe that it’s really a war on terror?

Are you stupid enough to believe those elastic expressions as excuses?

Do you even have a clear definition for (WAR ON TERRORISM)?

And Do You think that All that technology can’t stop some rockets falling on your backyard (as someone claims that it’s the reason in yahoo answers) so you must kill them all with illegal  weapons??

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza (AP)


DO you remember what happened when 3000 of civilians in the USA were killed in Sebtember 11th?

How many IRAQIS were killed after???

Anyone ever wondered how many Palestinians were killed since the begining of Israel? & how many israelies were killed??? couldn’t find it by search

I tried to find something on google about the true situation but couldn’t find, try holocaust instead.. PITY…

I know the truth because Egypt had a war with Israel before & till NOW, we’re discovering their massacres in Sinai

Can You Define Terror Now??

Try This Link

Is that JUST

If you had enough of this injustice, if you can’t bare to see children being killed like this



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