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January 10, 2009

Before You Put Your Reply

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1st. I’m a normal human being, people like me everywhere around you just with a different culture, I’m a muslim but I’m not veiled, I’m not a terrorist, I’m just someone ordinary.

2nd. Replies are under moderation, so don’t bother putting your adds in here

3rd. Stereotype replies depending on the media won’t attract me,, If you really have tried to get answers from the right source then welcome ,,or your reply will be deleted

4th. Some people write a repeated reply got nothing to do with the post just to declare their own beliefs, or criticize you, they don’t even have the courage to put a link to their blog, site or e-mail, those usually make me feel sick,, it’s like someone used to spit on the road all the time, Sorry, won’t be approved , I’m not interested

5th. Be Polite, wise and respectable,, sure you’re welcome

Last. PLEase… Read carefully & THink before putting any stupid comments

Have a Nice Day



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Music can reach people more than yelling & crying

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