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December 28, 2007

Islam Is under attack!!

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Assalamu Alikum everyone

I wish you all had a great Eid 

I’m sorry for being so lazy in updating my blog in here,,, I found that it’s not so easy to express my thoughts in English.

I really felt sorry for myself, as I used to be the 1st in English language classes, but maybe not anymore, I’m losing my magic touch in English 😦

On the other hand, I’m not familiar  with the new expressions, that makes me feel like ignorant & I feel that my articles were written by a 8 years old kid…

Also there’s this problem which related to cultures, who used to live in the United States for example won’t understand the Middle eastern mind & That goes on the opposite.

Lately I felt anger & sad about what’s going on my own country Egypt, people are turning against each other, the new religious trend which  is too radical makes others mad & created unnecessary arguments.

I think a civil war on the way by the blessings of the United States !!

What’s really makes me sad that Egyptian Christians started to  attack not only Muslims but Islam itself & they’re gaining their courage through yalling about mistreating them & the United Stated started to talk about it as it’s a fact & threatening our government which is so liberal but no one believes that… funny.

I can’t deny that few are so stubborn to accept other, from Muslims & Christians, but what really hurts that Christians are making fun of Islam, Our beloved Prophet Muhammad & Qura’n, not from the Muslims themselves & that’s really rude, specially that as Muslims we can’t return it back cuz Islam forbids us to make fun of any other religion specially when we believe in it as a real religion.

I wonder how could any Christian argue using texts of Qura’n while they don’t even believe that it’s God’s holy book,  isn’t that kind of contradiction??

I’m really hurt by reading their words & I have no ability to stop them,,, I don’t have the power,, I mean the right knowledge. 


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