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July 11, 2007

Random thoughts

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Idea No. !

Wow… it’s been a long time since I posted in here… as an ex-blog addictive I didn’t think that I’ll stop posting my nonsense thoughts that easy.

Anyway, I still don’t have much to say or maybe I’ll find what to write on the way…

I just remembered to read my profile for no reason,,, Then I just realized that there’ll be misunderstanding if any non Muslim red it or even Muslims, as I wrote that I’m not relegious.. as it maybe give that idea that I don’t believe in my Religion ..

It’s just that I’m not doing all that I should do that’s why i considered my self not very much a religious person, I think I need to do more effort about that issue, I need to get closer to God & pray more, I need to wear Hijab & never take it off, I need also to do all of that according to my deep believes not just because I should do it.

Maybe next time I’ll do much better.


Idea No. 2

I’m really worried about our future according to the stupid American media control of people’s brains, as it controls most of the youth brains throught the news, movies, music & much more.

It effects young people all over the world

in the US most to people there have no idea how is it like in the middle-east, they believe all what they see & hear through their TV’s , they didn’t try to visit a muslim country to judge them depending on real facts.

I found in yahoo answer a girl wants to visit Egypt & afraid because she thinks that Egyptians will kidnap her because she’s American… wooow ,,, people get stupid day after day as they’re depending on other to control their lives without even feeling it!!!! She doesn’t even know the difference between Iraq & Egypt to think that way… her brain calculated it very wrong

Muslims = terrorists

Terrorists = kidnaping Americans

Iraq = terrorists

Iraq = muslim country

Egypt = muslim country


Egypt = terrorists

Visiting Egypt = kidnaping her!!!!

funny ,,, isn’t it


On the other hand>>>>>>

Media controls young people’s brain in middle-east

youth think that th e US is the land of good life,,, power & money

funny that they didn’t notice that nothing is that easy as it’s in everywhere, there’s poor people there, jobs are not so easy as they think

life is like living in a spinning machine that never stops,, there’s no pure relationships as it’s in their home land

there’s too much violence too all kind of horrible crimes that even doesn’t exist in here

too much of every bad thing,,, all that they think is being free to do whatever ,,, never thought about the price

well,,, my dear youth dreamy guys,,, try to use your brain once & forget about those sexy clips & movies you’re watching, then you’ll discover the ugly truth.


Idea No. 3

Quote of the day 🙂

Search for any disaster around the world you’ll find the US behind it ( using the helping others excuse)


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