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December 31, 2006

Be Careful

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The web is full of lies as we all know,,, something became so clear lately,,, the eastern Christians & their nonsense talk about Islam.
They even made a satellite channel to offend Islam & the Muslim world!!!!

Anyway… Just want you to be careful of those sites,, because they were named so anyone will think they’re Muslim sites but they’re not.
Those sites are:

Of course there’s many more,,, but  most the ones I know are Arabic,,, made under supervision of Christian associates & by the help of many others.

There’s even that book they called the true furqan!!!! They wrote it in a similar way like The Holy Qura’an ,,,as I knew it was published in the USA & some other countries & it’s in this link too free to download!!!!

BE Careful… BE Careful…. Please



December 29, 2006

Happy Eid

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December 7, 2006

Converters Can Tell You The Truth

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Anyone was born in any religion will defend it even if he/she didn’t apply it’s rules
So I can understand why nobody can believe a muslim by birth when talking about Islam & defending it
No body will believe that the american war againest terrorism is a big lie & the real enemy for the USA is it’s government itself
the truth appears when someone from the opposit camp talks to his/her own people telling the real story
I guess this women can tell you the truth
She’s independent, intelligent, a journalist & more tthan that she speaks English because she was born as Christian British converted to Islam.
She’s the one who can tell you the truth cuz she was from your camp & now she discovered who’s the big Liar after she was captured by the Taleban
I’m pleased to introduce this smart woman to you

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