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November 16, 2006

Beit Hanoon

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Let pics talk & tell the world how’s it to be a Palestinian occupied by Israel

Israel won’t stay forever
It’s just days & will pass by
Oh mothers .. please don’t cry
your kids alive with angels in the sky
Cuz Allah’s justice is not a lie


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Religious hate seen as motive in killing

Found this link in MuslimSpace, i n a poll

I guess it’s clear, that no one is really innocent & the terror exists everywhere & got nothing to do with Islam
Here’s a little news, can say it all
The hate is everywhere thanks to Mr. Bush & The pope & millions around the world, thanks to the media which is doing great in fighting every religious image or symbol related to Islam & forgetting about that jew hat which on their heads and makes them look like idiots or the nuns cover & priests’ beard,,, their hatred makes them blind in front everything but seeing the head cover as an ugly thing & being shameless makes them don’t care to see women exposing their bodies like cheap whores as a good thing!!!!!!
The women who likes to please God in Islam is the same as nun in Christianity, so what’s wrong with those people????


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