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November 19, 2006

Muslims Suffering… who’s the real terrorists

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Of course can’t put Abu Ghareeb’s famous psycho pictures, but no need to all of you have seen them
No need to put the Iraqi’s daily suffering from living safe in their homes after the PIG hero’s came to save them from Saddam
No need to put the pics of Muslims around the world specially in the US & Europe who are treated badly JUST because they’re Muslims,,, I’m sure you saw some or even did that to them yourselves
But here’s the result happening in Arab world itself thanks to the US & UN help



In Tunisia women in public streets are not allowed anymore to keep their veil on heads,,, they force them to take it off

This’s how’s the Israelis treat Palestinian women (most of them old) and this’s the least treatment they get,,, we won’t even mention rape all the time & killing them in front of their families

I’m sorry…..Can’t say but Death For Israel

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November 16, 2006

Beit Hanoon

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Let pics talk & tell the world how’s it to be a Palestinian occupied by Israel

Israel won’t stay forever
It’s just days & will pass by
Oh mothers .. please don’t cry
your kids alive with angels in the sky
Cuz Allah’s justice is not a lie


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Religious hate seen as motive in killing

Found this link in MuslimSpace, i n a poll

I guess it’s clear, that no one is really innocent & the terror exists everywhere & got nothing to do with Islam
Here’s a little news, can say it all
The hate is everywhere thanks to Mr. Bush & The pope & millions around the world, thanks to the media which is doing great in fighting every religious image or symbol related to Islam & forgetting about that jew hat which on their heads and makes them look like idiots or the nuns cover & priests’ beard,,, their hatred makes them blind in front everything but seeing the head cover as an ugly thing & being shameless makes them don’t care to see women exposing their bodies like cheap whores as a good thing!!!!!!
The women who likes to please God in Islam is the same as nun in Christianity, so what’s wrong with those people????


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November 6, 2006

A Shit Called Israel

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This’s what’s happening in Beit-Hanoon for over 5dayes so far

The young girl was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper in Beit Hanoun, during a day of violence.

This’s what the angel Israelis attack the devil Palestinian women!!!!

November 3, 2006

Happening In Egypt!!!

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This wa sa shoking news , but in fact nothing really new, it’s a big shame.
I agree that shouldn’t happen, but what’s bothering me that who’s talking about that mess never mentioned half of the truth, the guys who did that are some how the lowest levels, they’re not educated, most of them are crimenals
& even their families are the worst too & all of them are drugged all the time.
I hate hiding half the truth to make a hit.

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