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September 9, 2006

Muslim woman in the Arab world (Part 3)

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There was a “Hadeeth”  that our prophet Muhammad (Salla Allah Alih Wasalem) telling women that their hasbands are their heaven or hell.

He means that when the hasband is a good one & his wife obeyed him she’ll go to heaven & if she didn’t obey him &  be a good wife she’ll go right to hell, if the husband was bad & she bared him she’ll go to heaven & if she didn’t treat him good instead of his bad personality then she’ll go to hell.

Another Hadeeth the prophet says if he ordered women to kneel for anyone but Allah he’ll order her to kneel for their husbands

Ofcourse he didn’t as kthat, but the meaning that women should obey their husbands & treat them well & that’s normal cuz Allah ordered men to treat women tenderly & be fair with them.

Most muslim men now don’t understand this point right & they also don’t apply it right & that made the conflict between men & women, but still the women have a huge rule, cuz when God created Eve he created her nature too, which is based obedience & respect, that what most women don’t do too nowadayes.
The problem that the media is encouraging them too under titles like “A Manhood world”, “The women  Revolution”,”Women Rights” & ” Women Liberation”!!!!

In such an ignorant world “I mean real ignarance” such titles will be also misunderstood then it’ll be misupplied & men will reply the same way, that made the conflict.
We need to teach them from the start to reach the right results, we can’t build something in a wrong base & the base in here is men & women both, not only men , not only women, we can’t forget that the one who raised that man is a woman & the one who raised that angry woman is unfair man.

The way to hell Starts with Good intentions:

Today is the statrting day of that Egyptian blog “We All That Laila*” or “Kolona Laila (in Arabic)” Laila is a charachter of an egyptian woman who suffered from a man & treated unfair & the law didn’t give her her rights, it was a famous novell & movie called “Albab Almaftooh” or “The Opened Door”.
This blog was made ” where a lot of female bloggers are sharing ” to show how much the Egyptian woman is suffering in the daily life, well I couldn’t share in it cuz I can’t feel that, I can see with my own eyes & hear with my own ears how much both women & men are stupid, not only in the muslim world but even around the world & in fact there’s no real cure.

This blog like all those Tv shows talking about women rights & a lot of women here are so stupid that they repeat what they hear without real understanding & without respecting the other side even if they’re not thinking the same.
If women & men act according to the religious directions wisely, I believe everything will be ok if we accepted that we have a different culture than the western world & it doesn’t mean that we’re uncivilized & Islam is a way of life & won’t stop progressin the contrary of what’s the west trying us to believe.

I believe that this blog is a good idea but won’t make a difference, cuz the target won’t read it, I mean unfair men, usually the men they’re talking about are ignorants, uncultured & suffering from serious issues, and usually were raised by an ignorant women, so the only solution is to teach our children that man & women are equal in front of God, there’s some differences but it depends on the nature of both of them which God also created, I mean our target sgould be our children & in a systematic, civilized, moderated religious & smart way.

* Most articles in Laila’s blog are written in arabic but some are in english:
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An example about what I’m talking about was that tv show where I found this famous female writer who’s covering her hair but isn’t really hijab, she was talking to young girls (between 9 to 12) saying that every girl should have a (relation) with guys in her life so she can face the world without fear ( as she said that she can face her husband or her manager at work or her brother!!!! ) or she’ll suffer her life!!! Well, she must explain what she means cuz people in here who watch tv are not that smart to get the right point & all what they’ll get (specially those girls who were listenting) that she’s encouraged them to have a (RELATION) with guys


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