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September 4, 2006

Another stupid Saudi law

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So… I Admit that Saudi Arabia Governers act like idiots sometimes & more than that they pop up with stupid laws

* Saudi clerics want to restrict women praying at Mecca
* Women fight mingling ban

This’s the most stupid thing I heared since a long time!!! So women now are not allowed to pray around Ka’ba depending in a stupid law put by some stupid guys & that came after that other stupid law they put to limit women visit to Prophet Muhammad’s grave (Salla Allah Alih Wasallem) in Madina!!!
Well Allah didn’t say that kind of rule in Qura’n & even Muhamad (Salla Allah Alih Wasallem) didn’t say that, maybe I’ll expect another law soon prevent women from being muslims.
We should do something about that.


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