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September 2, 2006

Muslim woman in the Arab world (Part 2)

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Things happen in the Egyptian society:

A 17 years old girls beats her mother & nobody tries to help.
Another girl yall & call her mother names just because her mother allows her sister to go out with friends but doesn’t allow her.
A woman wears veil with a short skirt or a tight body or a very tight jeans with a part of her hair out of veil (usually colored)!!
A woman married 15 years ago & has 3 children, she doesn’t work & still doesn’t know how to cook!!!
Another veild woman outside her home but when she’s at home she doesn’t care to cover her hair or body if she’s in the balcony or window.
A woman beats her husband & make scratches in his skin with her nails then when she get devorced she claims that he usued to beat her daily (while he didn’t).
A woman have many relations with men & ask her husband to take it easy!!!
A woman asks for devorece cuz her husband don’t open the car door for her!!!
A woman steals her husband’s money then lies about it.


Things Happen in the arab world:
A lot of women from Gulf take off their veil when they travel away from their own countries, so what they wear in their home land is just the traditional custom & who keeps the veil usually keep it upon their own choice.
The Tunisian women are not allowed to wear veil if she wants to learn or work, just like what’s happening in France!!!
In Moroco “which is a muslim country” hockers have license!!Yea….. France did a great job in destroying their traditions & values.
I lived in Saudi Arabia & I can tell you that the arabian women are spoiled more than any other woman in this world, that I wish to return & live there again.
I lived in Kuwait too & women theere are very strong & got a lot of rights, they’re more dependant too & very controlling.
The U.A.E. women are the most lucky ones ase they reached a lot in only 20 past years.
Most of arab women are the “leaders” of their own families by their own choice, no one can do anything without taking her promission first, specially when she gets older.


Well this’s a long list & won’t finish…..
There’s no abuse for middle-eastern women more than what’s happening in the rest of the world, I’m a woman & I can tell you that loudly, so why people are trying to complecate everything & make it a big deal & public issue??!!

Women in India ” who are not even muslims or arabs ” suffer a lot more than the arabian women, still the western media insists to focus on the arabian women & try to librate them from the monsters who happened to be the arabian men!!!!!  Lies……

All that I can say that when a woman talks she usually lies.
Remember the Yusuf Surah (Joseph story)
Time that passed never change a thing in women nature except being more selfish…..

* The full trnaslated text of Yusuf Surah

* The Rights and Duties of Women in Islam
* Does Islam Allow Wife Beating?
* Treating Women With Kindness
* Why more women in hell than men?


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  1. Salaams

    Interesting take on Women… I read on a blog that when Japanese women get married,their husbands hand over their pay to them each month and lets HER budget his expenditure.

    Comment by Em — September 3, 2006 @ 5:02 am

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