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September 23, 2006

Two Standards

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This’s a new e-mail in my mail box,, so it maybe repeated somewhere else..
It really tells you about the two standards in this world againest muslims

Why a Jew can grow his beard in order to practice his faith
But when Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and terrorist!
Why a nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to God
But when Muslimah does the same she oppressed
Western Women
When a western women stays at home to look after her house and kids she is respected because of sacrificing herself and doing good for the household?
But when a Muslim woman does so by her will, they say, “she needs to be liberated”!
Muslim Women
Any girl can go to university wearing what she wills and have her rights and freedom?
But when Muslimah wears a Hijab they prevent her from entering her university!
When a child dedicates himself to a subject he has potential.
But when he dedicates himself to Islam he is hopeless!
When a Christian or a Jew kills someone religion is not mentioned, but when Muslim is charged with a crime, it is Islam that goes to trial!
When someone sacrfices himself to keep others alive, he is noble and all respect him.
But when a Palestinian does that to save his son from being killed, his brother’s arm being broken, his mother being raped, his home being destroyed, and his mosque being violated — He gets the title of a terrorist! Why? Because he is a Muslim!
When there is a trouble we accept any solution? If the solution lies in Islam, we refuse to take a look at it.

When someone drives a perfect car in a bad way no one blames the car.
But when any Muslim makes a mistake or treats people in a bad manner – people say “Islam is the reason”!
Without looking to the tradition of Islam, people believe what the newspapers say.
But question what the Quran says!

September 21, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

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To all muslims around the world … Have a blessed Ramadan

(Ramadan Kareem)

Wishing all the best for Islam around the world in such days

& Wish Peace for humanity 

September 18, 2006

He wasn’t really sorry

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Well,, the pope apologized, but we can’t accept it
People will wonder why don’t we..

1- Because he didn’t say clearly that he’s sorry about what he said.

”I am deeply sorry for the reactions in some countries to a few passages of my address at the University of Regensburg, which were considered offensive to the sensibility of Muslims”

2- He’s not an ignorant & as I know anyone in his place knows enough about at least the two relegions (Islam & Judaism) besides Christianity, they study it for their own reasons.

3- I didn’t know that the academic & relegious quotations are taken from Empirors & normal people.. thought it’s usually taken from the sources in cases like this!!!

4- We can’t say that it was an accident, because this was a planed speach.

5- If that’s what the pope says (who’s the example for every relegious christian) then we’ll expect more from the ordinary people & it’ll be a mess.

September 15, 2006

Islam said … Let it go.. why don’t they??

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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

[1] Say: O ye that reject Faith!

[2] I worship not that which ye worship,

[3] Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

[4] And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,

[5] Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

[6] To you be your Way, and to me mine.

This Surah called “El’asr” & it really explain the right way to deal with other people who reject faith… I think that shows how Islam got nothing to do with the words “Kill people”.
Those were the directions for muslims from God, anyone does the opposit is an ignorant for his relegion.
So people,, stop insulting Islam, it’s not the reason.

Reasons like ignorance, poverty & anger from double standards are the real reasons for what’s happening & it’s clear how the American policy doesn’t help,, in fact it made it worst.

Guys…. 2.900 were killed in 9/11 while
74.000 in Bush’s war againest terror in the middle east!!!!! is that fair enough? & yet nothing really changed but more anger & more poors & more ignorance & hatred & the middle east became more troubled & the western media still helping the western greed by showing the truth from one side.

September 9, 2006

Muslim woman in the Arab world (Part 3)

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There was a “Hadeeth”  that our prophet Muhammad (Salla Allah Alih Wasalem) telling women that their hasbands are their heaven or hell.

He means that when the hasband is a good one & his wife obeyed him she’ll go to heaven & if she didn’t obey him &  be a good wife she’ll go right to hell, if the husband was bad & she bared him she’ll go to heaven & if she didn’t treat him good instead of his bad personality then she’ll go to hell.

Another Hadeeth the prophet says if he ordered women to kneel for anyone but Allah he’ll order her to kneel for their husbands

Ofcourse he didn’t as kthat, but the meaning that women should obey their husbands & treat them well & that’s normal cuz Allah ordered men to treat women tenderly & be fair with them.

Most muslim men now don’t understand this point right & they also don’t apply it right & that made the conflict between men & women, but still the women have a huge rule, cuz when God created Eve he created her nature too, which is based obedience & respect, that what most women don’t do too nowadayes.
The problem that the media is encouraging them too under titles like “A Manhood world”, “The women  Revolution”,”Women Rights” & ” Women Liberation”!!!!

In such an ignorant world “I mean real ignarance” such titles will be also misunderstood then it’ll be misupplied & men will reply the same way, that made the conflict.
We need to teach them from the start to reach the right results, we can’t build something in a wrong base & the base in here is men & women both, not only men , not only women, we can’t forget that the one who raised that man is a woman & the one who raised that angry woman is unfair man.

The way to hell Starts with Good intentions:

Today is the statrting day of that Egyptian blog “We All That Laila*” or “Kolona Laila (in Arabic)” Laila is a charachter of an egyptian woman who suffered from a man & treated unfair & the law didn’t give her her rights, it was a famous novell & movie called “Albab Almaftooh” or “The Opened Door”.
This blog was made ” where a lot of female bloggers are sharing ” to show how much the Egyptian woman is suffering in the daily life, well I couldn’t share in it cuz I can’t feel that, I can see with my own eyes & hear with my own ears how much both women & men are stupid, not only in the muslim world but even around the world & in fact there’s no real cure.

This blog like all those Tv shows talking about women rights & a lot of women here are so stupid that they repeat what they hear without real understanding & without respecting the other side even if they’re not thinking the same.
If women & men act according to the religious directions wisely, I believe everything will be ok if we accepted that we have a different culture than the western world & it doesn’t mean that we’re uncivilized & Islam is a way of life & won’t stop progressin the contrary of what’s the west trying us to believe.

I believe that this blog is a good idea but won’t make a difference, cuz the target won’t read it, I mean unfair men, usually the men they’re talking about are ignorants, uncultured & suffering from serious issues, and usually were raised by an ignorant women, so the only solution is to teach our children that man & women are equal in front of God, there’s some differences but it depends on the nature of both of them which God also created, I mean our target sgould be our children & in a systematic, civilized, moderated religious & smart way.

* Most articles in Laila’s blog are written in arabic but some are in english:
What feminism is all about.
In All Ways By Maya Angelou
Girlfriends are forever
Learning to Coexist
Kolna Layla

An example about what I’m talking about was that tv show where I found this famous female writer who’s covering her hair but isn’t really hijab, she was talking to young girls (between 9 to 12) saying that every girl should have a (relation) with guys in her life so she can face the world without fear ( as she said that she can face her husband or her manager at work or her brother!!!! ) or she’ll suffer her life!!! Well, she must explain what she means cuz people in here who watch tv are not that smart to get the right point & all what they’ll get (specially those girls who were listenting) that she’s encouraged them to have a (RELATION) with guys

September 4, 2006

Another stupid Saudi law

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So… I Admit that Saudi Arabia Governers act like idiots sometimes & more than that they pop up with stupid laws

* Saudi clerics want to restrict women praying at Mecca
* Women fight mingling ban

This’s the most stupid thing I heared since a long time!!! So women now are not allowed to pray around Ka’ba depending in a stupid law put by some stupid guys & that came after that other stupid law they put to limit women visit to Prophet Muhammad’s grave (Salla Allah Alih Wasallem) in Madina!!!
Well Allah didn’t say that kind of rule in Qura’n & even Muhamad (Salla Allah Alih Wasallem) didn’t say that, maybe I’ll expect another law soon prevent women from being muslims.
We should do something about that.

September 3, 2006

We don’t need mor muslims

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In Quran:

There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing”

I’m a little bit late to talk about this issue
But, let’s clear that point
Muslims are not happy because of those two guys
Not because they lied about converting to Islam
We’re not happy because they forced to do it
I don’t blame them because they played this game to be released
Muslims prefere if those people learned how to respect & understand Islam instead
If they wanted to convert by choice, then ok, but not by force!!!!
We don’t need mor muslims, we just need respect

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September 2, 2006

Muslim woman in the Arab world (Part 2)

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Things happen in the Egyptian society:

A 17 years old girls beats her mother & nobody tries to help.
Another girl yall & call her mother names just because her mother allows her sister to go out with friends but doesn’t allow her.
A woman wears veil with a short skirt or a tight body or a very tight jeans with a part of her hair out of veil (usually colored)!!
A woman married 15 years ago & has 3 children, she doesn’t work & still doesn’t know how to cook!!!
Another veild woman outside her home but when she’s at home she doesn’t care to cover her hair or body if she’s in the balcony or window.
A woman beats her husband & make scratches in his skin with her nails then when she get devorced she claims that he usued to beat her daily (while he didn’t).
A woman have many relations with men & ask her husband to take it easy!!!
A woman asks for devorece cuz her husband don’t open the car door for her!!!
A woman steals her husband’s money then lies about it.


Things Happen in the arab world:
A lot of women from Gulf take off their veil when they travel away from their own countries, so what they wear in their home land is just the traditional custom & who keeps the veil usually keep it upon their own choice.
The Tunisian women are not allowed to wear veil if she wants to learn or work, just like what’s happening in France!!!
In Moroco “which is a muslim country” hockers have license!!Yea….. France did a great job in destroying their traditions & values.
I lived in Saudi Arabia & I can tell you that the arabian women are spoiled more than any other woman in this world, that I wish to return & live there again.
I lived in Kuwait too & women theere are very strong & got a lot of rights, they’re more dependant too & very controlling.
The U.A.E. women are the most lucky ones ase they reached a lot in only 20 past years.
Most of arab women are the “leaders” of their own families by their own choice, no one can do anything without taking her promission first, specially when she gets older.


Well this’s a long list & won’t finish…..
There’s no abuse for middle-eastern women more than what’s happening in the rest of the world, I’m a woman & I can tell you that loudly, so why people are trying to complecate everything & make it a big deal & public issue??!!

Women in India ” who are not even muslims or arabs ” suffer a lot more than the arabian women, still the western media insists to focus on the arabian women & try to librate them from the monsters who happened to be the arabian men!!!!!  Lies……

All that I can say that when a woman talks she usually lies.
Remember the Yusuf Surah (Joseph story)
Time that passed never change a thing in women nature except being more selfish…..

* The full trnaslated text of Yusuf Surah

* The Rights and Duties of Women in Islam
* Does Islam Allow Wife Beating?
* Treating Women With Kindness
* Why more women in hell than men?

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