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August 22, 2006

Yet.. Still Hope

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I used to hear the European Program in Radio Cairo FM, I found this new program “So close, no matter how far…” , it was a strange program because this was the English service which didn’t programs talking about religion in it’s programs map.
I listened & was surprised with that young man’s voice Masha’ Allah, seems to be cultured & talking proudly about Islam & answering listener’s Questions, he called
Moez Masoud.
Today, I remembered him after watching an Islamic TV channel & found him in it, it was a surprise, because if I saw him in the streets I won’t imagine how religious he is.
I wanted to show you this to tell you that… in spite of everything I don’t like about Muslim-Arabs lately, still there’s a candle light in the end of the dark tunnel.

Moez Masoud was brought up in the American schools of Kuwait and Egypt as a 4.0 GPA student until he took up a lifestyle of excessive partying the kind that took the lives of three of his close friends. After facing two near-death experiences himself, his previously nonchalant, or even rebellious attitude towards religion changed drastically as his heart opened up to the Qur’an and his soul was overcome by God’s presence. He began to ponder the Qur’an’s meanings, and was fascinated by the high he would get upon feeling that his Maker was talking to him. Alongside, he began to share his tremendous experience with those around him, and was soon after regularly invited to speak about his new-found realizations.

Upon graduating from University, Moez was invited to carry out night (taraweeh) prayers one Ramadan in the US. When he returned to Cairo, he founded TGF, a successful advertising agency. A year later, the ART Arab Radio & Television- contacted him and that was the start of his TV debut success, Parables in the Qur’an. Since then, he has been around countries like the US, Malaysia, and the UK as an honorary guest giving talks, leading workshops and youth camps, as well as making TV & radio show appearances. Throughout, he has tried to remind himself and others that the Prophet Muhammad – upon whom be God’s blessings and peace – invites humanity to a relationship with God that is founded upon our love for Him, and that earning His love is the human being’s greatest success.

Currently a student of Islamic sciences under renowned traditional scholars, Moez also works as an advertising freelancer in Egypt where he lives with his wife and son. His most recent TV show, Stairway to Paradise, airs worldwide on ART international and Iqraa.

* the PIO was taken from his personal website
* Read an interview with him


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