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August 19, 2006

Apology not Accepted

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There’s some of us don’t believe in reasons, they can’t accept
apology for mistakes!! But I believe that there’s a reason for
everything & not only for mistakes, there’s a reason for creating
this world, there’s a reason for creating Adam & eve, there’s a
reason for making mistakes, but are they the right ones? that’s what we
should think about, & then we can accept apology or not.

It’s NOT ACCEPTABLE under any codition, to insult God whitch mean in arabic Allah, (and this’s something western people must know,, as they say the muslim’s Allah!!!).
It’s not acceptable at all for all who believe in God, Muslims, Christians, Jewish.
no many Gods, there’s only one, how we believe in God, that’s the
diffrence between religions, in fact Islam & Christianity &
Judaism have the same basic rules if you really read them carefully,
There’s messengers God sent to people so they can believe in him, God
told us not to: lie, hate, kill, steal, have sex out marriage, God told
us to respect eachother & to forgive & even there’s the way to
punish the one who made what God forbids & we all know that there’s
the day when we all stand in front of God & the good ones will go
to Heaven & bad ones will go to hell,, it’s all in the 3
religions!!! Misapplying our religions rules (applys on the three
relegions) is the reason for that evil in our world.

How could we talk about eachother’s God as he’s another one than the one we believe in???
God (Allah) means in any relegion (THE ONE WHO CREATED US) how could
anyone think that freedom of speach means being irrespectable to the
one who created us, the one who gave u that tounge you’re talking with
& now you’re talking nonesese about him!! the one who gave you eyes
& you’re not reading what God said??!!!
And if we assumed that you don’t even believe in God,,, that doesn’t give you the right to isult other’s believes.

those who’re writing & insulting other’s believes,,, to those
bloggers who thought that being  Anonymous is the best chance to talk
nonesense, I say…

Here’s a case when apology IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

this post was in my other blog,, wrote it after I found some arabic blogs insulting God,, talkin with no respect at all about religions & also some english blogs was taalking about (muslim’s Allah), that really bothered me alot
I know such people won’t apologize, to me or anyone, but I needed to tell them that.



  1. Like A Broken Record

    I have been questioned over-and-over, why Muslims don’t condemn the violence by muslim terrorists. And apparently, I’m not the only one, this has been occurring all over the blogosphere where non-Muslims press Muslims to condemn terror and …

    Trackback by Wa Salaam — August 19, 2006 @ 10:09 am

  2. Abu Sahaj also replied on this comment saying:

    asalaamu alaikum,

    Sis… this was a good post. You touched on something that people overlook all the time and that is a basic respect for God.

    I think the problem is that people in the West just don’t understand Islam… at all… and that is what me and others are trying to change.

    PS… I still can’t write arabic on my computer… I gotta fix that.


    Comment by Me2 — August 19, 2006 @ 10:30 am

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