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July 18, 2006

Lebanon… be a human

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world is not moving to help lebanese civilians,, while they’re being
killed by the israili dirty army,yasure,, when someone touchs one
israili the world yall & scream for revenge but when hundreds are
being killed from arab world,, nobody moves, That’s not fair….

I wish that death comes right into everyone’s supporting israil, right into their homes, Dead hearts …
If you don’t have the ability to invint a weapon that can kill (the one you want) ONLY



You can do a lot:

1- Send e-mails asking for justice…..

Send E-mail In Englidh

Dear World Leaders,

letter is a plea from the Lebanese people, and friends of Lebanon . We
urge you to exercise any political influence you may have to guide a
cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. Negotiations must take place.
The violence that has escalated in Lebanon has gotten out of control,
it is insanity! The people of Lebanon are suffering; the Lebanese
economy will suffer deeply for years to come. As I am sure you know
anger, resentment, and poverty can only lead to further extremism. For
the welfare of Lebanese citizens, Israeli citizens, the stability of
the Middle East , and indeed the world, we implore you to take action
as soon as possible to prevent further violence, destruction, and


Friends and Citizens of Lebanon

Or Send It In French

Leaders du monde,

lettre constitue un appel au secours de la part du peuple libanais et
des amis du Liban. Nous vous pressons d’exercer votre influence
politique afin de faire appliquer un cessez-le-feu entre Israël et le
Hezbollah. Des négociations doivent avoir lieu. La violence qui sévit
au Liban perd tout contrôle et la situation devient insoutenable. Le
peuple libanais souffre. L’économie du Liban sera gravement perturbée
pendant des années. Comme vous le savez sûrement, la colère, la rancune
et la pauvreté ne peuvent mener qu’à plus d’extrémisme. Pour le
bien-être des citoyens libanais et israéliens, pour la stabilité du
Moyen-Orient et également du monde, nous vous implorons d’agir aussi
vite que possible pour empêcher l’escalade de la violence, de la
destruction et des pertes humaines.


Le peuple du Liban et ses ami

Those Some E-mail Adresses You Can Send To& if you have more you can add it in here:

The White House: comments@whitehouse.govU.S. VP:

Israeli minister of defense:

Israeli Minister of foreign affairs:

The French President:
Go to this site.
click on Ecrire au President and copy paste this text in the box provided.

The British government:

The British Prime Minister:

The e-mail list for the European Union:


2- Donate & be Positive:
Use The Buttons in your blog/journal


3- Sign the petition & here’s the Banner:


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