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July 18, 2006

Lebanon… be a human

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world is not moving to help lebanese civilians,, while they’re being
killed by the israili dirty army,yasure,, when someone touchs one
israili the world yall & scream for revenge but when hundreds are
being killed from arab world,, nobody moves, That’s not fair….

I wish that death comes right into everyone’s supporting israil, right into their homes, Dead hearts …
If you don’t have the ability to invint a weapon that can kill (the one you want) ONLY



You can do a lot:

1- Send e-mails asking for justice…..

Send E-mail In Englidh

Dear World Leaders,

letter is a plea from the Lebanese people, and friends of Lebanon . We
urge you to exercise any political influence you may have to guide a
cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. Negotiations must take place.
The violence that has escalated in Lebanon has gotten out of control,
it is insanity! The people of Lebanon are suffering; the Lebanese
economy will suffer deeply for years to come. As I am sure you know
anger, resentment, and poverty can only lead to further extremism. For
the welfare of Lebanese citizens, Israeli citizens, the stability of
the Middle East , and indeed the world, we implore you to take action
as soon as possible to prevent further violence, destruction, and


Friends and Citizens of Lebanon

Or Send It In French

Leaders du monde,

lettre constitue un appel au secours de la part du peuple libanais et
des amis du Liban. Nous vous pressons d’exercer votre influence
politique afin de faire appliquer un cessez-le-feu entre Israël et le
Hezbollah. Des négociations doivent avoir lieu. La violence qui sévit
au Liban perd tout contrôle et la situation devient insoutenable. Le
peuple libanais souffre. L’économie du Liban sera gravement perturbée
pendant des années. Comme vous le savez sûrement, la colère, la rancune
et la pauvreté ne peuvent mener qu’à plus d’extrémisme. Pour le
bien-être des citoyens libanais et israéliens, pour la stabilité du
Moyen-Orient et également du monde, nous vous implorons d’agir aussi
vite que possible pour empêcher l’escalade de la violence, de la
destruction et des pertes humaines.


Le peuple du Liban et ses ami

Those Some E-mail Adresses You Can Send To& if you have more you can add it in here:

The White House: comments@whitehouse.govU.S. VP:

Israeli minister of defense:

Israeli Minister of foreign affairs:

The French President:
Go to this site.
click on Ecrire au President and copy paste this text in the box provided.

The British government:

The British Prime Minister:

The e-mail list for the European Union:


2- Donate & be Positive:
Use The Buttons in your blog/journal


3- Sign the petition & here’s the Banner:


July 13, 2006

Summer Care Tips

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Everyone tries to take the maximum indulgence in the sun, sea, and fun during the summer and in the midst of it all you neglect to care for your hair and skin as much as needed. The result is that by the end of each summer you find your hair somewhat damaged, thinning, fly-outs, or even frizzy…etc, and your skin completely burned and inconsistently peeling-off. So you make a promise to yourself that it won’t happen again and that you’ll start being more disciplined and treat your hair and skin with more care the next summer. Well, that next summer has already started and is as bright and sunny as ever, and even more so at the beaches, swimming pools and open areas. Remember, it is time to keep your promise before it is too late, otherwise, you will need to spend months fixing the damages you caused to your skin, and particularly your hair. This article will give you detailed tips and advice on how to take the necessary care required to protect your hair from damage and your skin from blemishes, wrinkles, and most importantly, cancer on the long run, God forbids. Part I of this article series tackles summer skin safety, whereas part II will discuss hair health and summer hair care along with our designated corner of “Ask Fulan” interviewing the prominent hair stylist Mr. Ahmed —– within the next two weeks. You can send us all the questions and concerns you have about your hair health and looks and Wasfa in association with “Ahmed & Abdou” the reputable beauty salon will be here to answer your questions. I hope you enjoy the utmost fun this summer and every summer safe and sound…

Summer Skin Safety

Your only natural protection from the sun is the melanin in your skin — a chemical that absorbs harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays and reacts with the sun to cause tanning. The amount of melanin in the skin varies greatly from person to person, and so does the amount of time someone can safely spend in the sun. Certainly, fair complexion is much more sensitive to sea and sun than dark toned complexion. Of course, we Egyptians are much luckier than many other nationalities that are fair-skinned as the latter are much vulnerable to the risk of cancer. However, melanin can only do so much to protect you, but to keep your skin truly safe you need a sunscreen/sunblock.

If you’re going to be in the sun for more than 20 minutes, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and contains a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. SPF can go all the way up to 52 for people who get badly burned once exposed to sun, or for those who want the maximum protection from sun rays. Put sunscreen on indoors and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes before you go outside. This gives the chemicals in the sunscreen time to soak in and become activated before you hit the sun. Reapply it every two hours if you’ve been in water or out sweating in the sun — even if you’re using waterproof sunscreen.
And don’t forget your kids! According to recent studies, eighty percent of a person’s sun damage is acquired before the age of 18. Every time a child gets a sunburn, their chances of getting skin cancer later in life are significantly increased. Take charge of your kids’ sun exposure and make sure they’re sun safe. But never use sunscreen on a baby under six months old – instead, keep them completely covered with clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.

More skin-savvy tips:

  • Avoid the sun between 10:00am and 3:00pm, when the sun’s rays are strongest. If this is impractically doable, do your best to avoid sun between 11:30am and 1:30pm when sun’s rays are vertically straight on earth.
  • Use higher SPF numbers on the first couple of days of your constant exposure to sun, then you go down gradually to lower SPF numbers in case you want to get nicely tanned and not to have your skin peeled off.
  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy days – UV rays can penetrate cloud cover.
  • If you’re fair skinned or know you burn easily, keep covered and avoid the sun, If necessary, use higher SPF numbers for prolonged exposure.
  • If you can, opt for a seat in the shade.
  • Wear clothing made of tightly woven fabric so the sun can’t slip in.
  • Try to avoid reflective surfaces, such as water and sand, which can reflect as much as 85 percent of the sun’s rays. Even if you sit or lie down in shade, try to put a towel underneath you so your skin is not in a direct contact with sand.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes. Also, avoid perfumed lotions or sun oils because they contain alcohol, just like perfumes, that causes skin stains, marks, or blemishes.
  • Use lip balm with sunscreen – your lips contain no melanin and will burn easily.
  • Use after-sun moisturizing facial and body lotions to restore the moisture evaporated from your skin while being directly exposed to sunlight.
  • If you are above 30, use after-sun facial and body lotions that contain collagen to avoid early wrinkles.
  • Be aware that certain medications, including some antibiotics, dramatically increase sun sensitivity. Check with your doctor.
  • Drink large quantity of water, and generally, double your intake of liquids to avoid dehydration. Drink juices that are rich in vitamin C and E such as orange, strawberry, and kiwi to keep your skin tenderness and freshness. Try to avoid coke soft drinks because they relatively oxidize vitamins- they become less nutritious.
  • Drink carrot and tomato juices frequently for easier and faster tan. Carrot and tomato increase the amount of melanin in your skin, which helps you get the tanned look quickly.
  • And don’t forget your eyes! Wear sunglasses that provide 100 percent UV protection, to prevent eye cancer or cataracts, which may result in blindness.

Sometimes no matter how carefully you apply sun block, you still miss a spot somewhere and get burned. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer the pain of sunburn for long.

Try this: Within 24 hours after sun exposure or as soon as your skin turns pink, take a dose of aspirin (follow label instructions). This pill relieves sunburn pain, reduces inflammation and redness, and may even prevent the DNA and skin damage that sunlight ultraviolet causes. (Note: Don’t take aspirin if your doctor has advised against it.)

Finally, the only safe way to enjoy the summer sun is to resist the temptation of lying down long hours trying to get the best possible lovely tan. Remember, it all depends on your will power. So, try to limit your exposure to sun and keep yourself covered. Don’t let your summer fun cloud your future skin health.

In case you got sunstroke, here you’re a perfect remedy to it. Put a very small pinch of salt in your ears, then, using a cotton mop, squeeze one or two water drops in each ear. They’ll dry instantly taking out the heat from your head and body.

Face Masks:
Cucumber mask is perfect for your face complexion in summer. It restores moisture, gently neutralizing dehydration caused by sunlight and high temperature. Also, full-cream milk, egg yellows, carrot oil, and olive oil mixed altogether make another recommended mask in summer time.

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July 6, 2006

Thursday 13 #11

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13 Tips To Look Great

1. In the beginning, your fitness program should not be overly aggressive. One of the biggest problems people encounter when starting a fitness program is rapidly depleted motivation after only a few weeks due to an overly ambitious fitness program. Attempting to do too much too fast is worse than doing nothing at all! Because then you feel like exercise is too hard and it’s just not for you.

Start out slow, maybe just shooting for 1 or 2 workouts a week. Once you have successfully added that to your normal routine, then attempt to slowly add to your fitness program. Plus, most people don’t need to exercise more than 3-4 times a week. That doesn’t mean you can’t exercise more; it’s just not necessary.

2. Always have a detailed plan! In order to reach your health and fitness goals, you must have a road map to follow. I can’t stress this enough. If you are unsure of how to put together a fitness plan, or if you’re uncertain of the effectiveness of the one you have, I highly recommend you consult a professional fitness trainer. With a well thought out plan you are much more likely to be successful!

3. Set realistic, attainable goals. You must have tangible, quantifiable, short and long-term goals so you can measure and assess your progress. Too many people have totally unrealistic expectations of what to expect from an exercise and nutrition program. The best way for you to understand what is realistic and attainable is to talk with a fitness professional – not to buy into the “hype” of infomercials and diet and fitness products that are blatantly misleading.

4. Keep a journal! This is one of the most important things you can do. If you’re not tracking what you’re doing, how will you know what worked? There are quite a few great exercise and nutrition logs I’ve come across. You should keep track of all your exercise and also each day’s food intake.

5. You must be accountable! Set exercise appointments with yourself if you’re not working with a personal fitness trainer. Use your appointment book to set aside times for exercise, just like you do for meetings or events. Don’t let things get in the way. Nothing is more important than your health! If you don’t have your health you can’t effectively do anything.

6. Exercise safely and correctly. So much time is wasted doing, at best, unproductive exercise, or at worst, dangerous exercise. Educate yourself on how to exercise correctly. The best way to do that is to hire a personal fitness trainer. It could be for just a few sessions to learn the basics, or it could be for a few months to learn everything. It’s completely up to you. But statistics prove that those who understand how to exercise correctly get better, faster results. And that’s what you want, right?

7. Enjoy your exercise! For example, if you hate doing strength training, try to find ways to make it more enjoyable. Circuit training might be a more fun and exciting way to fit this important part of fitness into your program. The key is you should enjoy it, and if you don’t you need to look for other exercises or activities to replace whatever it is you don’t enjoy.

8. Make time to stretch! It has so much benefit and takes very little time. So many people suffer from various aches and pains of which most can be eliminated by basic stretches! Try to spend at least 5 minutes after each workout stretching. For more information on stretching and how it eliminates aches and pains, please call 240-731-3724 to request a FREE copy of my special report “No More Back Pain”.

9. Don’t think you need to exercise 5 days a week! I touched on this earlier. Many people feel they’re getting fat because they’re not exercising. Totally not the case! Exercise is not the answer! It’s all in your eating habits. However, exercise can aid in burning body fat, plus there are numerous health benefits. Think of exercise as a bonus.

First look at your eating habits, such as: when you eat, what you eat, how much you eat, where you eat, and how often you eat.

10. Never skip breakfast, or any meal! If you want to maximize your fitness or fat-loss efforts you’ve got to eat breakfast! So many people skip breakfast, and it’s the worst thing you could ever do when it comes to fat-loss. Skipping meals throws your blood sugar all out of whack and it sets you up to store your next meal as fat, almost guaranteed!

11. Eat fat to lose fat. Healthy fats are necessary to your body for numerous reasons: regulating hormonal production, improving immune function, lowering total cholesterol, and providing the basics for healthy hair, nails, and skin.

12. Drink plenty of fresh, clean water. Yes, I know that you have probably heard this one over and over again. But there’s a reason for that – it’s that important! The recommended daily intake of water is 8 glasses, or 64 oz. You should even be drinking even more if you are active or exercise regularly.

And no, soda, juice, coffee, and tea DON’T count! Nearly every chemical process place in your body, takes place in water! Proper blood flow and digestion are both affected by how much water you drink, and poor blood flow and digestion can be linked to numerous health conditions.

13. Stabilize your blood sugar! If you want to burn fat and prevent your body from putting it back on, you must stabilize your blood sugar. In order to do this you need to eat small, balanced meals or snacks every 2-3 hours.

Fasting, skipping meals, and overly restrictive diets will enable you to lose weight – in the short run. The weight you lose is primarily water weight and muscle tissue, and in the long run has opposite effect of what you want. When you restrict your diet, your body instinctively thinks it’s being starved and shifts into a protective mode by slowing down the metabolism and storing nearly all calories as body fat. Plus, losing muscle tissue is the last thing you want to do. Muscle burns calories, even while you sleep. You should be focused on increasing, or at least maintaining muscle tissue.

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