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May 29, 2006

How to pick your coffee table

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When you're picking furniture for your living room, the coffee table should be the last item you choose. It has to suit both the style and space of the room. It also has to go with the color scheme of the rest of the furniture. So, for example, if you have a sofa and two chairs it is more suitable to put a rectangular table and if you have a two seater and a three seater sofa, a squarish table would be the best choice. If your sofa is a level shorter than usual then the table must be low too and if you have chosen light upholstery for your sofa and curtains then you should make the table in a darker shade for contrast and vice versa. Furthermore, it is very important for the coffee table to be in proportion with the space it is going to be placed in :a small table for a small room and a large table for a large room. Here are some nice ideas to help you select the coffee table for you:


The bench clearly draws on the Asian aesthetic of composure, allowing its clean, well defined lines to speak for themselves. It could also be used as a TV/DVD station or as a decorative console.


The scroll coffee table has a modern Chinese style. Its drawers make it very useful for the family room. The crackle finishing gives it the look of leather.


A two leveled coffee table is more functional because it allows for more storage place.


A low coffee table that reaches the ground gives an informal and simple style.


A simple coffee table might be easy to make, but it's beauty lies in its fine finishing. Also notice the nice contrast between the dark table and light curtains and sofa


A chocolate and vanilla composition of sofa and cocktail table is original. The contrast between the straight upper surface of the table and its curved ends creates a dynamic duo. Two side tables on each side of the sofa complete the picture.


A unique harmony exists between the leather table top and the wooden curved legs which does not take away from the charming details: elegant decorative stitching, drawers and curved shapes


Using two coffee tables of a similar design is very fashionable now. The idea is to make them in different dimensions and proportions. In addition to being attractive it's also very practical because you can serve more people already enough storage space in your room then choose a table from the

So you should first set your priorities to choose which table. If your family consists of many members, or if you invite your friends frequently to your livingroom, then the two-table choice suites you. If you need more storage place in your room, then a two storey table will do the task, but if you care only for the looks of the table and have rest of the above mentioned

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  1. very good ideas

    Comment by mobeen — March 5, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

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