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May 16, 2006

2006 Spring & Summer Makup

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This year, the colors of spring are inspired by nature.. subtle browns, muted rose, soft peach, and whispery bronzes. These shades not only flatter every complexion but also are amazingly versatile and come in a range of textures.. everything from matte to sheer to creamy. Since the right colors are just part of the get-the-look kit, we’ve spelled out the steps you need to know to apply them and to contour your eyes, lips, and cheeks like a pro.

Sheer Radiance

Color Me Natural_Woman with lighter hair
This look, with its focus on sun-kissed skin, luminescent eyes, and glossy lips.. all in a monochromatic palette.. couldn’t be any prettier. Better yet, it’s so simple to duplicate. The key is to keep the shades all in the same family, concentrating the darker hues on your eyes and lips and sticking to a lighter version everywhere else. Tie the whole look together with bronzer, focusing on the forehead, temples, and nose.. where the sun normally hits.. then add a touch of peach blush. A few swipes of golden gloss on your lips and you’re out the door!

Step 1
Color Me Natural_Woman with pink tones of eye shadow and lipstick being applied
Start by applying a cream shadow over your makeup-free eye, from your lids up to brows, as well on the inner corner, near the tear duct; beige or something slightly peachier, such as a light apricot, is the ideal shade. A brush with nylon bristles, such as the one shown here, works best with cream-based formulas. Lightly tap the color in place, adding more shadow if necessary. Your base is now set, guaranteeing that the makeup to come will really stand out. Keep in mind that you can also use a powder shadow, which will give you a little more staying power but won’t be quite as luminescent.

Step 2


Color Me Natural_Applying shimmery eye shadow
Next, using the same brush as in the first step, reach for a shadow that’s in the same color family as the original but a shade darker. With a similar tapping motion, go over the first shade and cover the entire lid up to the crease. This will give your look the necessary depth. When you open your eyes and peer straight into a mirror, you should be able to see the color a bit higher than your natural crease.

Step 3
Color Me Natural_Make up application with white brush to eyeline
Finally, the grand finale: liner. There are as many ways to wear liner as there are liner colors. For this look, dip a flat-edged eyeliner brush, like the one shown here, into a black or dark brown powder shadow. Start on the outer corner of the eye and carefully press the color into place, stopping mid-eye to pick up a bit more color. Continue from the middle toward the inner eye, making sure to thin out the line as you get closer to the corner. (Concentrating too much color there can look like a mistake.) Finish your look with a few coats of mascara.

What You Need for This Look (clockwise from top):

NeedNatural_Blush and other

Chanel Irreelle Blush in Tea Rose, highlights cheeks. Diane von Furstenberg Beauty In the Nude Lipgloss Duet in Undressed/Naked, makes lips a luscious coral. Merle Norman Automatic Definitive Eye Pencil in Chestnut, lines without smearing or smudging. Clarins Soft Cream Eye Color in Golden 02, give eyes a sheer shine. Shiseido Hydro-Power Eye Shadow in Tiger Eye, a cream shadow, is beautifully luminous.

Sweet & Sexy
Color Me Natural_Woman with short dark brown hair with pink necklace

These classic makeup shades look so gorgeous together because they enhance your features while still remaining subtle. You’ll also see that the combination of rose and brown tones makes this look particularly flattering for fairer complexions. When you apply cream blush on your cheeks — remember, a little goes a long way! — make sure to blend with your fingers using a light touch. The result? A lit-from-within glow. Finish it all off with a simple application of pink lipstick or gloss.

Step 1


Color Me Natural_Make up application contouring eye below brow
Starting with a makeup-free eye, dip an angled natural-bristle brush into powder shadow. Pick any of spring’s brown shades, ideally one with a cooler, slightly yellow cast. This will help bring out the brilliance in pretty much any eye color. Tap the brush against your hand to blow off any excess product and prevent it from landing on your cheeks. Really work the powder onto the lids, concentrating it up to the crease. Just make sure not to get it near the browbone, as that area always needs a lighter shade to help highlight your eyes.

Step 2


Color Me Natural_Make up application lining the eye
The finishing step of this simple look is eyeliner. Here, you can either use a pencil liner with a really soft tip and blend it, or dip a skinny brush, such as the one pictured here, into power eye shadow and carefully circle your eyes, getting it really close to the lashline. (For a longer-lasting look, pencil is preferable.) Precision isn’t necessary here, so don’t fret if you’re not getting it just right. Finish off the look with black mascara, concentrating on the outer corners of the lashes for an eye-opening effect.

What You Need for This Look (from top):

NeedNatural_Vertical laying make up

Becca Cream Eye Colour in Bronze Gold, shows off lids with a creamy wash of golden brown. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Espresso, is a waterproof and self-sharpening liner, great for defining along the lashes. Tarte Dollface Cheekstain, delivers a delicate shell-pink color that’s innocently sexy. Il Makiage Color Shadow in Sage, creates a matte-powder finish. L’Oreal Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss in Bubble Gum, adds a sweet pin shine to your pout.


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