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May 14, 2006

Spring & Summer Fashion

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This's What I discovered about the new Spring/Summer fashion this year.. it's totally my pure point of view

The new spring look is so feminine & chic, in the morning: simple white or colored dress, pants & tops.

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Black & white for work

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Matching accissoriesfrom natural materials, bags specially huge ones & shoes with a lot of details

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In the evening there's more details, it reminds me of the 70th & Early 80th period

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Here's a professional must-have according to Dress Well

#1 Dresses — A Simple Approach. With pants and skirts worn either suited or as separates getting so much play the last few seasons, it was only a matter of time before dresses made it back to the top of the list. Whether you are looking for something new to wear to the office or for a way to simplify your everyday look for warm weather, dresses fit the bill. Slip a short jacket or lace cardigan over a flirty, mid-calf length dress to get the season’s hottest proportion. Strong accessories such as woven belts, a few long beaded necklaces or a strong bracelet at your wrist can add signature style and structure to loosely styled shirt and safari-inspired dresses.


#2 Lilac — The New Neutral. There is a bit less bright color on the horizon this spring compared to recent past spring seasons. Pastels make a comeback with lilac being hailed the new neutral. Ground it with navy, brown and olive garments and accessories early in the season. Keep it demure and soft with whites and creams once warmer weather hits. No matter what you do, just wear it!

#3 Lace Accents. Whether peeking out from under a business suit or worn head to toe on a bridal frock or evening gown, lace is everywhere this season. It goes hand in hand with three other strong spring trends — crocheted items, flirty skirts and tailored denim. Lace camisoles are the perfect layering piece under crocheted tops, and lace trim on skirts, eveningwear, shoes and bags easily allows you to celebrate the romantic mood of the moment.

#4 Asian Influences — East Meets West. With the release of the hit movie “Memoirs of a Geisha,” retailers at every price point have jumped on the Asian fashion bandwagon with renewed energy and vigor. Japanese-inspired style is a great way to ease into spring. Think of adding a wide, kimono-like sash around last year's tunic top or adding some bamboo embellished flip-flops or totes to your summer casual wardrobe. Mandarin-collared jackets and bright, floral accents on accessories and fabrics are two more ways to interpret this trend.

#5 Muted Metallics. Metallic shoes, bags and belts are a great way to lighten up your style for spring and summer. They are the perfect companion for your whites and brights and work as well in the day as they do at night. This season, metallic accessories are not quite as shiny as in years past, adding to their versatile and multi-faceted appeal.

#6 White Leather. White is always right once Memorial Day comes. This year, white leather shows up much earlier and makes an appropriate statement, especially when combined with black basics. A white leather jacket worn with a black silk t-neck and black trousers, for instance, can lighten you up for spring even if the temperature stays cool. Likewise, white leather trim modernizes last years’ tweeds and large, oversized white leather bags are showing up in every city at every price point form Manhattan to Miami. Save your white shoes for June, July and August but by all means add some signature white leather accents as early as March and April.

#7 Red — An Easy Way to Add Color. In a predominantly neutral season, red is an easy way to punch things up with ease and style. The right red top for your figure and lifestyle, for instance, can dress up khaki bottoms while also adding just enough color to neutral suiting for the office. If you are a fan of the popular nautical look being highlighted for summer, red basics and accessories can make navy and white stripes come alive. The key for successfully incorporating red into your wardrobe is to select key pieces in the exact same red hue so that you can mix and match these items easily.

#8 Stacked Heels. Chunky, stacked wooden heels are the rage this season, making skinny, stiletto heels look a tad passé, especially when they are worn with skirts and dresses. Chunky heels look well balanced on t-strap sandals as well as peep and round-toe pumps. They fit the bill with everything from soft, feminine laced skirts and dresses to sturdier denim and khaki looks. Wedge heels, especially on espadrilles, and ballet flats continue to be popular for those who want comfort and style yet may not be ready for the bold fashion statement that a modern stacked heel makes.

#9 Gaucho Pants. Once warm weather hits, a wide-range of cropped-styled pants start emerging on the fashion scene. While certainly not for everyone (they can look dowdy and frumpy when not coordinated correctly), gaucho pants are making the most waves this season. These wide-bottom, calf-length women’s pants resemble a split skirt and are particularly versatile. They can be dressed up with shrunken jackets, long beads and round-toe pumps or made to look more casual with flip flops and tees if you are tall enough to pull off the their fullness without a heel. If you have an eye for balance and proportion, go for gauchos!

#10 Contrasting Accessories — The Bold & The Beautiful . Placing a strong, woven belt around the waist of an eyelet lace dress or grounding a lightweight, floral skirt with a solid stacked heel sandal provides an interesting contrast that works well this spring. Likewise, oversized bags make a trendy statement and long, layered necklaces that combine everything from beads, wood, lace and pearls are very on trend with simple suits and separates. Finish updating your spring accessories with oversized, aviator sunglasses and you’ll really have it made in the shade this season!


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